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Ways To Find Boats For Sale

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Are you interested in finding boat sales? Are you interested in finding boat sales?  This article is show a list of locations where you can look to find the new boat you are after.

1.  Internet
The internet is a great tool in finding things for sale. You may find many sites from all over the world selling boats. It is also easy to find boats from boat stores in your area. This allows you to look at a large amount of boats in a small amount of time with just a click of a few buttons. It also allows you to instantly see pictures of boats which helps you to find the one you are really after.

Although looking on the internet for boats is a great idea you should always remember a few things. Sometimes the sellers don’t update the boats as quickly as they should so you should always ring up or email a shop before you drive out to see a boat that you have seen on the internet. Also always be careful of deals that are ‘too good to be true’. Many people try to use the internet as a tool to con people of their money so always be vigilant.

2.  The Newspaper
The local newspaper is always a good source of new and second hand boats for sale. Many retailers will also place their shops adverts in the pages. The newspaper is great at providing up to date information weekly. If you ring someone from the paper over a boat you should always have a list of questions to ask first. Consider asking how old the boat is, why are they selling it, how much have they used it and what condition it is in? Try to build up as much information as possible so you can rule out as many possible boats as possible.

The main problem with looking in newspapers is that you can only get very limited information. Most boats for sale in a newspaper will have no pictures, so you are solely relying on the seller to paint the picture for you in regards to the condition of the boat. And what seller is going to tell you their boat is in bad condition?

3.  A third way to look for boats is to get out there and look around. Most marina, harbors or boat ramps will have boats for sale. Have a look around at boating clubs, consider asking people working there if they know of anyone selling. This local knowledge may help you find a boat perhaps even before the owner has listed it as for sale. Let everyone know that you are looking for a boat and some people you may know may have a friend who can help you out.

Keep in mind, see as many boats as possible so you can compare boats of a similar price. If possible, try narrowing your search to 2 boats in the end, so you can play each off against the other to get the best possible price. The internet should guide you from the start. After you find what you want, the last step is seeing the boat in person and making a deal. If you start your search online, you will be well on your way.